Notice [COVID-19 State of Emergency]

[ ※ This measure extended to end of May ]

In response to the declaration of a nationwide state of emergency,
please understand that we will take the following measures.
Thank you for your cooperation.


Shuin (red ink stamps)
  We will not be able to stamp on your Shuincho (stamp book) for the time being.
  Only stamps on paper prepared beforehand are available.

The Shrine Office
  Closed from the 29th April to the 6th May
  Prayer services are unavailable during the period.

Treasure House (Open on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays)
  Closed until the 10th May


Dedicatory Kendo Tournament (29th April)
  Both tournament and ceremonies have been cancelled.

Hinode-sai (The Sunrise Festival) -the annual festival of our shrine (7th-8th May)
  Yomiya on the 7th and Goshinko on the 8th have been cancelled.
  Ceremonies will be performed only with our Shinto priests this year.
  Please refrain from attending.

Nikku-sai – the morning prayer (every morning)
  Please refrain from attending for the time being.

Tsukinami-sai – the monthly prayer (the 8th of every month)
Setsumassha-sai (Ubuyasusha-sai, Ogunasha-sai, Okuchimagamisha-sai)
  Please refrain from attending. 

・Ubuyasu-sha (During the Golden Week)
  Shinto priests not present, Shuin (red ink stamps) and good luck charms unavailable.

・The Ascetic Practice Course (3 times a year)
  The one in June and July have been cancelled.
  Further information will be announced on the one in September later.

・Kagura (sacred dance) and Gagaku (sacred music) opening to the public
  (21st June -scheduled date)
  Further information will be announced later.

・Yokagura (night time Kagura)
  (On the 4th Sunday of every month from June till November)
  Further information will be announced later.


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